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Running CvJMirror

Once you have downloaded CvJMirror, you should put it in a directory where it can live and save its config file. To run the saved file, you need to have Java installed. If Java is installed properly on your computer, you should be able to either double click on the file icon, or right-click and select the item to run it with Java.

Basic Setup

In its core, CvJMirror is a utility to mirror the contents of one directory to another. So, the core of the setup is to specify these two locations. At the top of the window you will find two fields: a From and a To. From is the directory that is to be mirrored and To is the place where it will be mirrored to. Next to each is a button that will allow you to browse for the correct directory.

Important Note: The contents of From will be completely mirrored in To, this also includes deleted files. If a file is deleted in From it will automatically get deleted in To and the CvJMirror determines if a file is deleted by checking if it is in From - if it is not in From it is assumed deleted and will get removed from To. So, make sure you have the two the right way round, and make sure that the To directory is empty, or you'll loose its contents!

Hit Start

Once you have the From and To directories selected, you can go ahead and hit the Start button.

Advanced Config

You can access more advanced config options by going to File, then Config. This will bring up the Config Dialog.

General Options

Show in System Tray

If this option is checked, CvJMirror will be shown in the System Tray when you close CvJMirror. This only works if the Java supports a System Tray on the platform you are using. When you click on the window's close button, the window will close and an icon will appear in the system tray indicating that CvJMirror is still running. When this icon is shown, the mirror process will still continue to run at the scheduled times.

Keeping a Log File

By using this option, you can have CvJMirror write everything that happens to a log file. Everything that is shown in the log list in the main window will also be written to the log file specified in this text field.

Mirror Interval

Here you can set how often a mirror should occur. Once you click on the start button, CvJMirror will run the first mirror. When this first mirror is done, it will wait the amount of time specified in this field before it runs the mirror again. You can stop it from happening again by clicking on the Stop button.

Automatically Start Timer

If this option is checked, CvJMirror will automatically start the timer when CvJMirror starts up. This is the same as clicking on Start just after CvJMirror is started. This is especially useful when CvJMirror is put on the startup list of you operating system.

Ignoring Files

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